Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ethan earned his Bear in Cub Scouts!

I had a blast this last year watching and helping Ethan earn his Bear in Cub Scouts. I can't believe he is already 10 and going into Webelos now! On the bright side . .  . his Dad is one of the Webelos Scout leaders so now Nathan can take a turn with him.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ella and Ethan's Birthday's

 This year we had Ethan and Ella's party together since they wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese. They each got to bring one friend.

 On the day of the day of their birthday they woke up to a birthday pancake.

 Both kids received homemade quilts made by Nathan and I.

Christmas Eve

 Christmas Eve we made Santa snicker doodles like always!

 After dinner the kids got to open their Christmas pajamas and then we read
 The Night Before Christmas.


First Winter snow

 It is always so exciting when we get our first big snowstorm. Of course Ethan and Ella couldn't wait to go outside and play. Zeus on the other hand wasn't so sure. He played for a bit but that was all.

 This picture of Ethan made me smile. How many times has he put on a snowsuit??? I laughed and told him that the snowsuit goes under his coat . . . sometimes I wonder what that kid thinks.

Family Pictures 2013

 I just love the pictures we got done last fall. They turned out great! I love them so much I purchased some 16x20 canvases to go on my walls.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Ethan's Soccer 2013

 Ethan's 3rd Season was not his best. I think with the age group he is in now it is getting more competitive and he just isn't really into it very much. I think this will be Ethan's last year of soccer.

 He got a couple chances at kicking the ball.

Ethan's coach had some really good things to say about Ethan. Even though he didn't score any goals this year he still really enjoyed playing and was a good sport!

Ella's Soccer 2013

 Ella had an awesome first season of soccer. We were really impressed with her skills. She always kept up with the ball and made quite a few goals also. I think this is something she could keep doing and go a long way with.

 Zeus was freezing most the time when we brought him, I am sure he is glad soccer is done with!